Power Spellcraft for Life (a review)

Welcome lovelies. Today I am writing a review on a book that I have recently picked up. I did not purchase this book. However, it was not given to me for free by the author or anyone else in exchange for a positive review. The story behind this book is that I had found it in a pile of books that was going to be thrown away. I have read many pagan/wiccan books in the past. For some reason I decided to go through that pile of books before they made their demise in a dumpster and found this little gem.


Excuse the poor picture quality as my phone was dead so I had to use the rather awful quality camera on my desktop.

The author is Arin Murphy-Hiscock. She is a Wiccan High Priestess. This is kind of off putting for me because often times authors such as this have very biased one sided views and believe that their way is the only way. I could go on about this but that is another subject for another time.

This book sets the above mentioned apart from what I have encountered. It is a book written from a nondenominational point of view. This is a huge plus for me. It allows any reader from any pagan background whether it be wicca, paganism, or even someone who is dipping their toes in the water with a monotheistic/pagan approach.

She goes step by step sharing her process for writing new spells and allows for you to take those steps and create your own. She stresses the importance of rechecking and making sure that your end goal is as clear as possible to ensure that your spell will be as effective as possible. She also points out to keep your notes and to make notes later on the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of your spell so that you may work on it and make it better the next time.

I also appreciate that she makes comment on the transference of energy. In her opinion energy is neither dark nor light it is neutral. She makes examples on how someone might say that it is one or the other but that the energy itself is not dark or light only the person’s intent is. This is an interesting take on energy and I can’t say that I completely disagree. I think that intent on the use of the energy is what determines the kind of energy you are projecting. If you think about sometimes we give off energy and other people pick up on it. When we are happy and everything is going well we often let off energy that feels exhilarating and electrifying. People may be drawn to such a positive energy. While when we are sad and everything seems to be against us we may be at a breaking point and letting off a dark gloomy energy that others may pick up on. That energy can be felt and many empaths like myself will feel the draining effect that kind of dark energy makes.

The book also goes into detail about solar and lunar phases as well as the seasons to ensure you can really get the effect you want. She has a few spells made up within the book that you may use and change to fit your denomination. I haven’t really read through those simply because I am more interested in the information used to make my own spells.

I don’t know about you guys but I find making your own spells has a greater more from the heart feel than one that you borrow from a book.

All in all I label this book as a must for anyone interested in writing their own spells who may not know exactly where to start. I am not saying everything in this book is super useful or not because each person has their own needs and expectations. However for beginners interested in writing your own spells the spellcrafting section is worth it. I will definitely be keeping this book in my library to reference in the future.


Fluffy Bunny

Okay so this is kind of a rant. I was on a wiccan/pagan page recently where someone called someone a “fluffy bunny” for worshiping a known deity. In the same breath they mentioned that they themselves worshiped a god named Ryuk. As in the the fictional character from the anime Death Note.

Fluffy Bunny from what I have gathered is a blanket term for someone who does not acknowledge another’s beliefs or brushes it off as unimportant or nonexistent because it does not coincide with their own belief systems. Basically it’s a term for those who choose to be willfully ignorant in the many sects of the pagan community. This could also qualify as someone who has only read new age books and refuses to look into other branches such as mythology or other cultural traditions than many wiccans or pagans have adapted from.

I hate the term fluffy bunny. It sounds cute and adorable. It does not scream ignorance. The problem with people like this person is that they are caught up on their own ideals and viewpoints and consider anyone who doesn’t agree as wrong or ignorant. That is far from the case. The only one appearing ignorant is themselves.

I am not one to bash someone for worshiping another god/dess then I myself have chosen. I understand that others have different needs on a spiritual level that another god/dess can fulfill. However I find that these special “snowflakes” (I hate this term but it fits here) who peg themselves as pagan or wiccan yet worship an anime character as fruit loops. A fictional character is just that fiction. Yes from another standpoint you might say that Jesus is a fictional character if you believe the bible to be a work of fiction with the intent on preaching morals.

I guess the question is where do you draw the line? At what point do we say enough is enough? Yes technically Ryuk was a shinigami which is a god of death or death spirit. However Ryuk himself is fiction. If you look up the origins of shinigami you will find that they were often spirits of the deceased with ill intent. Does this person actually know the lore behind a shinigami? Do they realize that they are most often associated with the reason people commit suicide? If they do then do they realize that it shouldn’t be a God of worship but something to fear? Something you might hope would not possess you or a loved one.

Imbolc February 2nd

As the year begins we have the first pagan holiday of 2017 approaching. This holiday is Imbolc sometimes known as Candlemas. It marks the change of the Crone into the Maiden. It also marks the beginnings of Spring. Depending on your traditions you may bring in other aspects. The Gaelic Goddess Brigid is often associated with the holiday. Brigid was also chritianized into Saint Brigid and marks the patron of Saint Brigid Day (February 1st).

Traditional foods to be eaten at this time include dairy, breads, grains, and vegetables stored from fall such as onions and potatoes. Some may argue that spicy and full bodied foods are preferred.

In our family I prefer a nice stew or Shepard’s pie. Both seem to be adequate dishes to celebrate the season. That and I have a picky modern American family who doesn’t like to try new things like leek soup. Oh and pancakes! Their golden color and shape represent the sun returning it’s warmth for the spring.

As an undercover witch one of my favorite ways to celebrate is to light candles. White for the Goddess, Red or Yellow for the God, and Orange to symbolize the change to come.

Weather divination is also a part of Imbolc. Traditionally you would watch for serpents and badgers emerging from their dens which may explain the North American tradition of Groundhog’s Day.

In Gaelic tradition it is about when Cailleach the divine hag gathers her firewood for the remainder of winter. If winter was to last longer then the weather would be bright and sunny so that she could gather more firewood. If the weather was cloudy and foul it meant that spring was closer because she could not go out to gather more firewood.

In Greek mythology it is the story of Demeter searching for Persephone. It marked the bringing of Light (Persephone) back into the world.

Although traditionally many witches perform some sort of ritual on this day or on the nearest full moon, I prefer small celebrations with the family. I love making pancakes with the kids, lighting candles, burning incense , and cooking a hearty meal for the family.

Rituals aren’t a big part of my being a witch. It can be at times, but for me it’s about reaching mental clarity and with that I like to meditate on the meaning of the holiday and apply it to my life. Imbolc is about new beginnings and self cleansing. Out with the old so to speak. It’s a time to work on making changes for the new year and cleansing all the negativity out of your life.


Meditation is an undercover witch’s best friend. It can be your gateway to your spirituality. You don’t need a ton of supplies to practice your craft. Sometimes you need a spiritual connection, but you are in a place you can’t just whip out your alter supplies and cast a spell or ritual.

My husband is a Christian, and although he is well aware of my religious path he prefers a head in the sand kind of approach. (His exact comparison) In other words he is okay with it as long as he doesn’t see it. So how do I do rituals and things when he’s around? I can simply tell him I’m in need of some quiet time, and request that I not be bothered for x amount of time. However, we have four children so I can’t always be sure that something won’t happen and be disturbed.

So in order to practice my craft without it being openly obvious I’ve determined that meditation is useful. during meditation you can usually go through your rituals and spells within your mind’s eye. You can open your circle, summon the four elements, and talk to the Lord and Lady. It works just like any other ritual or spell except you perform it within your mind through visualization instead of in the physical realm with all your supplies. Just like any other spell or ritual remember to close your circle and ground yourself before you leave.

If it helps to cleanse your mind for your ritual you can anoint yourself with a corresponding oil. I usually place in on my forehead. However you can also chose to take a ritual bath before or after as well. You could also perform your meditation ritual within the bath I suppose if you could without interruption. However, this is unfeasible for me most of the time because I have four children who think it’s prime time to yell “Mom…mom…mom…mom….MOM!” from behind the bathroom door. Mother’s everywhere will understand that small children and bathtime usually means you aren’t going to enjoy it peacefully.

What do you mean you’re a witch?

For as long as I can remember I have always pictured God as a woman. So you can see how when Wicca and Paganism was introduced to me it just kind of made sense. I had this “aha” moment that made every blasphemous thought I ever had in church as a child make total sense. No I don’t hate on Christianity or any other form of a Christ based faith. I just acknowledge that it is not meant for me. So where does that leave me? What is a witch?

This term varies broadly from person to person. Paganism and Wicca is so diverse that it’s difficult to put a blanket term over it. So I can enlighten you on my own personal version. I believe that like most things in the world there are a male and female counterpart to everything God included. I like the ritualistic aspects that come with the faith in general but also understand that the rituals are not necessary. I like to be in tune with nature and acknowledge that without it we wouldn’t have a means to survive. I prefer to practice alone because I find it takes away from the meditative aspects when others are present.

No I do not believe in the devil. I do pray like everyone else, but I pray to both the Lord and Lady (God and Goddess) I haven’t adopted any specific deity to put in each part. Why? Well this is where my beliefs get a little complicated. I believe in a higher power but at the same time I’m unsure if adopting another faiths deity is what I want to do. I have heard that over time some people are given a sign that points them in the right direction. Time will tell I suppose.

I do not openly out myself as a witch on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. It’s not something I feel needs to be broadcast. I easily blend in with the world around me. You wouldn’t guess just by spotting me on the street or having a conversation with me. We aren’t all eclectic and bizarre all the time. Most of us keep that at home.

Yes I’ve been asked to go to church on occasion. I don’t reveal myself in that manner either nor do I lie. I simply tell them that I prefer to practice my faith at home and that I don’t believe a physical building is necessary to practice one’s faith. Usually this will pacify the person and they will say something like “At least you have faith in, God.”