Meditation is an undercover witch’s best friend. It can be your gateway to your spirituality. You don’t need a ton of supplies to practice your craft. Sometimes you need a spiritual connection, but you are in a place you can’t just whip out your alter supplies and cast a spell or ritual.

My husband is a Christian, and although he is well aware of my religious path he prefers a head in the sand kind of approach. (His exact comparison) In other words he is okay with it as long as he doesn’t see it. So how do I do rituals and things when he’s around? I can simply tell him I’m in need of some quiet time, and request that I not be bothered for x amount of time. However, we have four children so I can’t always be sure that something won’t happen and be disturbed.

So in order to practice my craft without it being openly obvious I’ve determined that meditation is useful. during meditation you can usually go through your rituals and spells within your mind’s eye. You can open your circle, summon the four elements, and talk to the Lord and Lady. It works just like any other ritual or spell except you perform it within your mind through visualization instead of in the physical realm with all your supplies. Just like any other spell or ritual remember to close your circle and ground yourself before you leave.

If it helps to cleanse your mind for your ritual you can anoint yourself with a corresponding oil. I usually place in on my forehead. However you can also chose to take a ritual bath before or after as well. You could also perform your meditation ritual within the bath I suppose if you could without interruption. However, this is unfeasible for me most of the time because I have four children who think it’s prime time to yell “Mom…mom…mom…mom….MOM!” from behind the bathroom door. Mother’s everywhere will understand that small children and bathtime usually means you aren’t going to enjoy it peacefully.