Fluffy Bunny

Okay so this is kind of a rant. I was on a wiccan/pagan page recently where someone called someone a “fluffy bunny” for worshiping a known deity. In the same breath they mentioned that they themselves worshiped a god named Ryuk. As in the the fictional character from the anime Death Note.

Fluffy Bunny from what I have gathered is a blanket term for someone who does not acknowledge another’s beliefs or brushes it off as unimportant or nonexistent because it does not coincide with their own belief systems. Basically it’s a term for those who choose to be willfully ignorant in the many sects of the pagan community. This could also qualify as someone who has only read new age books and refuses to look into other branches such as mythology or other cultural traditions than many wiccans or pagans have adapted from.

I hate the term fluffy bunny. It sounds cute and adorable. It does not scream ignorance. The problem with people like this person is that they are caught up on their own ideals and viewpoints and consider anyone who doesn’t agree as wrong or ignorant. That is far from the case. The only one appearing ignorant is themselves.

I am not one to bash someone for worshiping another god/dess then I myself have chosen. I understand that others have different needs on a spiritual level that another god/dess can fulfill. However I find that these special “snowflakes” (I hate this term but it fits here) who peg themselves as pagan or wiccan yet worship an anime character as fruit loops. A fictional character is just that fiction. Yes from another standpoint you might say that Jesus is a fictional character if you believe the bible to be a work of fiction with the intent on preaching morals.

I guess the question is where do you draw the line? At what point do we say enough is enough? Yes technically Ryuk was a shinigami which is a god of death or death spirit. However Ryuk himself is fiction. If you look up the origins of shinigami you will find that they were often spirits of the deceased with ill intent. Does this person actually know the lore behind a shinigami? Do they realize that they are most often associated with the reason people commit suicide? If they do then do they realize that it shouldn’t be a God of worship but something to fear? Something you might hope would not possess you or a loved one.


Imbolc February 2nd

As the year begins we have the first pagan holiday of 2017 approaching. This holiday is Imbolc sometimes known as Candlemas. It marks the change of the Crone into the Maiden. It also marks the beginnings of Spring. Depending on your traditions you may bring in other aspects. The Gaelic Goddess Brigid is often associated with the holiday. Brigid was also chritianized into Saint Brigid and marks the patron of Saint Brigid Day (February 1st).

Traditional foods to be eaten at this time include dairy, breads, grains, and vegetables stored from fall such as onions and potatoes. Some may argue that spicy and full bodied foods are preferred.

In our family I prefer a nice stew or Shepard’s pie. Both seem to be adequate dishes to celebrate the season. That and I have a picky modern American family who doesn’t like to try new things like leek soup. Oh and pancakes! Their golden color and shape represent the sun returning it’s warmth for the spring.

As an undercover witch one of my favorite ways to celebrate is to light candles. White for the Goddess, Red or Yellow for the God, and Orange to symbolize the change to come.

Weather divination is also a part of Imbolc. Traditionally you would watch for serpents and badgers emerging from their dens which may explain the North American tradition of Groundhog’s Day.

In Gaelic tradition it is about when Cailleach the divine hag gathers her firewood for the remainder of winter. If winter was to last longer then the weather would be bright and sunny so that she could gather more firewood. If the weather was cloudy and foul it meant that spring was closer because she could not go out to gather more firewood.

In Greek mythology it is the story of Demeter searching for Persephone. It marked the bringing of Light (Persephone) back into the world.

Although traditionally many witches perform some sort of ritual on this day or on the nearest full moon, I prefer small celebrations with the family. I love making pancakes with the kids, lighting candles, burning incense , and cooking a hearty meal for the family.

Rituals aren’t a big part of my being a witch. It can be at times, but for me it’s about reaching mental clarity and with that I like to meditate on the meaning of the holiday and apply it to my life. Imbolc is about new beginnings and self cleansing. Out with the old so to speak. It’s a time to work on making changes for the new year and cleansing all the negativity out of your life.